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|Friday 13 January 2017 to Friday 20 January 2017|



1. INDIA. INDIA’s new Army Chief General BIPIN RAWAT told the press on 14 January that challenges of proxy war, insurgency and terrorism to INDIA’s secular credentials would keep INDIA embroiled for a much longer period. Further that, if PAKISTAN reciprocates to INDIA’s offer of peace in the same manner the need to conduct surgical strikes will not arise at all. Pakistani Defence Minister KHAWAJA ASIF reiterated on 16 January that PAKISTAN would respond with full force if INDIA tried to carry out any surgical strikes inside PAKISTAN.

2. PAKISTAN. PAKISTAN disclosed on 16 January that it has reported to the UN Observers Group, 330 ceasefire violations up to December 2016 along the Line of Control (LoC) in JAMMU & KASHMIR by the Indian Military and says that it would continue extending Political, Diplomatic and moral support to the Kashmiri struggle for self-determination. Meanwhile, the US has been increasingly worrying over the rising range and variety of PAKISTAN’s Missile capability and has imposed trade restrictions on 7 Pakistani entities linked to Pakistani’s Missile programme.


3. CHINA. The Chinese State-run media, ‘China Daily’ and ‘Global Times, criticised the statement made by REX TILLERSON, President-elect DONALD TRUMP’s Secretary of State nominee, that, the US should deny CHINA access to new Islands it has built in contested waters in the South China Sea and warned that such an experiment would lead to a confrontation. Meanwhile, CHINA handed over two ships to PAKISTAN Navy for Joint Security along the sea route of the China - Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) at the GWADAR Port on 14 January. PAKISTAN has already raised a new division of the Army to ensure security along the CPEC route and around the GWADAR Port.

4. HONG KONG. HONG KONG’s Court of Appeal rejected the appeal bid by anti-China lawmakers BAGGIO LEUNG and YAU WAICHING against their disqualification from HONG KONG’s Parliament on 16 January. The Court acted on a special interpretation of the City’s Constitution by CHINA in November 2016, which is binding on the Courts in HONG KONG with the local and national systems being within one country. The HONG KONG Government has taken legal action against four more elected lawmakers advocating either independence or self- determination.


5. YEMEN. A large percentage of the Yemeni population, are in urgent need of humanitarian assistance. With over 10,000 dead and 40,000 wounded, the UN ranks the Yemeni situation as ‘one of the world’s worst humanitarian crises’. ISMAIL OULD CHEIKH AHMED, UN Special Envoy to YEMEN held talks with MANSOUR HADI, President of YEMEN, in the Southern city of ADEN on 16 January hoping to revive peace prospects in YEMEN. The new peace plan provides for a new unity Government in YEMEN and a rebel withdrawal from the capital and other cities.

6. SYRIA. Syrian rebel groups on 16 January, confirmed their participation in peace talks beginning on 23 January in the KAZAKH capital of ASTANA jointly facilitated by TURKEY and RUSSIA. If the ASTANA talks are successful, the rebels and ASSAD regime could move on to UN hosted negotiation in GENEVA in February. Several rounds of peace talks held by the UN have failed to produce a political solution to the Syrian conflict. However, the Fateh al-Sham Front (formerly, Al-Nusra Front) would not attend ASTANA.


7. UK. Amnesty International in its report titled ‘Dangerously disproportionate, the ever-expanding national security state in Europe,’ alleged that BRITAIN has introduced the most draconian counter-terror laws in Europe that seriously threaten Human Rights. The report refers to regulations on mass surveillance, use of diplomatic assurance to deport people where there is a risk of torture, stripping people of their nationality, controlling their movement and detaining without charge or sufficient legal process and follows the Investigatory Powers Act-nicknamed the snooper’s charter-voted into law by the UK Parliament.


8. USA. The outgoing CIA Chief JOHN BRENNAN on 15 January warned the President elect DONALD TRUMP to be disciplined in what he says publicly and said that spontaneity is not something that protects national security interests. This is while the row between TRUMP and the US Intelligence Agencies over the alleged Russian interference in US Elections is continuing. Meanwhile, an influential and investigative Israeli newspaper (Yedioth Ahronoth) claimed that US undercover agents have warned Israeli intelligence not to share any sensitive information with TRUMP’s aides until the incoming President’s relationship with RUSSIA has been fully investigated.

9. OPEC. OPEC has taken a decision to cut oil production to help support prices. RUSSIA too has followed suit. There is a possibility of IRAQ becoming an exception because it is not really in the control of its own production due to contractual commitment to international oil companies in the South. Though there is an uncertainty whether the oil prices will settle, the general sentiment is that prices would be higher than last year and would inflate import bills of countries.

10. ECOWAS. Over 30 heads of state belong to ECOWAS (Economic Community of West Africa States) gathered at a Bamako Summit on 14/15 January to discuss Jihad on the continent and AFRICA’s impact on the European migrant crisis but instead GAMBIA’s political impasse dominated the conference. The 15-nation ECOWAS bloc has repeatedly called on President YAHYA JAMMEH to respect the 1 December election result and step down after 22 years in power. Since he has failed to do so a possibility of a military intervention by ECOWAS and the UN has arisen.

|Friday 06 January 2017 to Friday 13 January 2017|



1. INDIA. Bi-lateral Military relations between VIETNAM and INDIA are steadily on the rise. INDIA is openly fast tracking its Strategic and Military partnerships keeping a confrontational CHINA as the core issue. INDIA considers VIETNAM as a close ally and has offered the Akash Area Defence Missile, Brahmos Supersonic Cruise Missile, Varunastra Anti-Submarine Torpedo to the country and has provided training for Naval and Air Force personnel. VIETNAM, has been strengthening its Military capabilities by inducting Kilo-class Submarines and Russian SUKHOI fighters, both of which have been operated by the Indian Armed Forces for several years.

2. PAKISTAN. PAKISTAN has joined the newly established RIYADH-based Saudi Military Alliance and the recently retired Army Chief of PAKISTAN, General RAHEEL SHARIF has been appointed to lead the Military bloc. Deputy Crown Prince MOHAMMED BIN SALMAN said that the new coalition has over 35 member countries including EGYPT, QATAR, UAE, TURKEY, MALAYSIA and several African nations. This new Military Alliance could be easily classified as a potential Sunni Military bloc for influence across the Arab world against the Shiite Muslim front led by IRAN.

3. The first ever submarine launched, Nuclear capable Babur-3 Cruise Missile of the Pakistani Armed Forces was test fired on 9 January from an undisclosed location in the Indian Ocean, heightening tensions between INDIA and PAKISTAN. INDIA test fired such a Missile in 2013 and on 15 May 2016 tested an Anti-Ballistic Missile system which could intercept a Nuclear carrying Ballistic Missiles.

4. AFGHANISTAN. The deadliest attack in KABUL since July 2016 took place on 10 January killing scores of people including civilians and Military personnel. On 10 January two explosions took place inside the heavily guarded Governor’s compound in the Southern city of KANDAHAR killing at least 7 and wounding 18 others including the UAE Ambassador. The bombs were hidden inside a sofa and the prime target could have been KANDAHAR Police Chief General ABDUL RAZIQ, one of the most feared, anti-Taliban commander, who was unharmed in the attack.


5. MYANMAR. The UN human Rights envoy for MYANMAR, YANGHEE LEE began a 12-day visit to MYANMAR to probe alleged violence committed by the MYANMAR Security Forces in the Northern RAKHINE State. As of 5 January an estimated 65,000 Rohingya Muslim refugees are in Southern BANGLADESH. The MYANMAR Government last week presented a report denying accusations of genocide and religious persecution by its Armed Forces.


6. ISRAEL/PALESTINE. President elect DONALD TRUMP’s proposed new Ambassador to ISRAEL, DAVID FRIEDMAN has made it clear that he is looking forward to operate from JERUSALEM which means the relocation of the American Embassy from TEL AVIV. This will be a unilateral recognition of JERUSALEM as ISRAEL’s capital by the US Government. The chief Palestinian negotiator SAEB EREKAT has already floated the idea of revoking the recognition of ISRAEL, the proposal of which has gained momentum ahead of the Middle East peace conference scheduled for 15 January in PARIS. He further stated that the two-state solution would not survive in such a situation and will be a breach of the US commitment under the 1995 OSLO Peace Agreement. Meanwhile, 4 Israeli soldiers were killed in JERUSALEM on 8 January, when a Palestinian drove a truck in a deliberate attack.

7. IRAN. The Iranian Parliament approved plans to expand Military spending to 5% of the budget on 9 January. It is considered as a boost to IRAN’s Military establishment, consisting of the regular Army, the elite Islamic Revolutionary Corps (IRGC) and Defence Ministry. This is a move that would certainly attract heavy criticism from other Western states, especially the world powers involved in the 2016 Nuclear Agreement. IRAN has test fired several ballistic missiles since the signing of the agreement and the US has imposed new sanctions against IRAN. Meanwhile, the US Navy destroyer USS MAHAN on 8 January fired warning shots at an Iranian vessel in the Strait of Hormus.


8. USA. The elements of a US Army Battle Group began arriving in GERMANY on 6 January 2017 for deployment in 7 NATO countries of ESTONIA, LATVIA, LITHUANIA, POLAND, SLOVAKIA, ROMANIA and BULGARIA near RUSSIA, as a part of ‘Operation Atlantic Resolve’, the biggest induction of additional troops since 1991. Fighting formations from other NATO countries are due to join this new force in Eastern Europe with Headquarters in GERMANY. This latest deployment is a result of a policy decision taken by the OBAMA Administration in response to RUSSIA’s Military action in UKRAINE, annexation of CRIMEA and continuing conflict in Eastern Ukraine, all of which are more than 3 years old. It is also expected to serve as a deterrent to any future Russian move against any NATO member. Military and Political analysts have begun to question the real motive behind this deployment just two weeks before the inauguration of a new US president, who has shown friendly overtures towards RUSSIA.

|Friday 30 December 2016 to Friday 06 January 2017|



1. INDIA. INDIA urged CHINA on 4 January to reconsider its decision to block the designating of Jaish-e-Mohammed (JeM) Chief MAZOOD AZHAR as a terrorist by the UN, and also accused CHINA of hampering its efforts to bring AZHAR into the UN sanctions list. AZHAR heads the JeM India which has already been blacklisted by the UN Security Council. He is blamed for terrorist attacks on the PATHANKOT Airbase in January 2016. INDIA further said, CHINA’s blocking of INDIA's bid at the UN since last April confirms the prevalence of double standards in the fight against terrorism.


2. PHILIPPINES. The PHILPPINES Ambassador to CHINA, JOSE CHINTO ROMANA said on 1 January that normalising relations with CHINA is a strategic shift in Foreign Policy. PHILIPPINES had been one sidedly balanced in favour of the US and relations with the US weakened after US criticisms over DUTERTE’s anti-crime drive. Meanwhile, a breakaway faction of the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF), identified as the Bangsmaro Islamic Freedom Fighters (BIFF) and another small MINDANAO based Islamic Militant group (MAUTE group), who formed a tactical alliance are found responsible for the bomb attacks on 29/30 December 2016 in MINDANAO, that left 52 people injured. The Catholic country’s largest Muslim rebel group MILF has observed a ceasefire with the Government of the President RODRIGO DUTERTE and the splintered militant groups seem to be employing diversionary tactics to ease military pressure on them. The third faction still fighting the Government is the ABU SAYAAF which has pledged allegiance with the Islamic State as in the case of the BIFF group.

3. HONG KONG. There were protest marches on 1 January against the Government’s legal bid to unseat four pro-democracy legislators for alleged breaches in their swearing-in ceremony and the oaths of allegiance. The City’s Courts had already ousted pro-independence lawmakers for failing to swear their oaths of office correctly. Pro-democracy student leader’s claim that the “One Country, Two Systems” is a failure and it is a must that the 20th anniversary of the handing over of HONG KONG by BRITAIN be used to reflect their growing concerns about the future. Meanwhile, the head of CHINA’s liaison office reiterated the three bottom lines of the semi-autonomous territory. Accordingly, no one in HONG KONG is permitted to engage in any form of activity that harms national sovereignty and security, challenge the authority of the Central Government, HONG KONG’s Basic Law or to use HONG KONG to infiltrate and subvert the mainland’s social and political stability.


4. US. The US Government declared 35 Russian Diplomats Persona non-grata describing them as Intelligence Operatives at the Russian Embassy in WASHINGTON and the Consulate in SAN FRANCISCO and given 72 hours to leave the country. The Government also ordered the closure of two Russian compounds in NEW YORK and MARYLAND claiming they were used for intelligence related purposes. Economic sanctions were also announced against RUSSIA’s FSB, GRU and GRU Chief IGOR KOROBOV. The US retaliatory action is based on the alleged involvement of Russian Intelligence in ‘Cyber-attacks on HILLARY CLINTON’s campaign and other political organisations in an attempt to influence the last US General Election in favour of DONALD TRUMP. This is the biggest condemnation RUSSIA has received from the US since 1986 when President RONALD REAGAN expelled 80 diplomats for the alleged stealing of US secrets. RUSSIA then resorted to tit-for-tat expulsion, but this time President PUTIN has decided to wait until DONALD TRUMP assumes office on 20 January.

5. UN. Newly elected UN Secretary General ANTONIO GUTERRES, the former Portuguese Prime Minister took over from SOUTH KOREA’s BAN KI-MOON, inheriting complex crises in SYRIA, SOUTH SUDAN, YEMEN, BURUNDI, NORTH KOREA and several other locations. He will also have to work with an entrenched UN bureaucracy and a bitterly divided Security Council that will leave the Secretary General very little room to manoeuver. The UN has been helpless during SYRIA’s six years of war and the same helplessness and disunity have marked UN’s response to the SOUTH SUDAN conflict. Peacekeepers there have been blamed for failing to protect the civilians crowding UN bases and accusations of rape have tarnished the reputation of UN peacekeepers in the CENTRAL AFRICAN REPUBLIC.


6. IRAQ. Iraqi forces announced the second phase of the battle for eastern MOSUL on 28 December. Prime Minister ABADI stated the country would need at least 3 months more to eliminate the ISIS. In the meantime, ISIS has been trying to hit back with major diversionary attacks and twin bombings in BAGHDAD on 30 December which were the deadliest since the beginning of the MOSUL operation on 17 October. On 1 January an ISIS suicide group stormed a Police station in the city of SAMARRA. MOSUL is the last Iraqi city where IS holds significant territory in addition to parts of Western ANBAR province. Meanwhile, French President FRANCOIS HOLLANDE arrived in IRAQ on 1 January to visit French Forces which are a part of the 60 member coalition against the ISIS and to hold meetings with Prime Minister HAIDER AL-ABADI (Shiite), President FUAD MASUM (Kurd) and Parliament Speaker SALIM AL-JUBURI (Sunni) who are the most prominent politicians in the country. He also had talks with Kurdish President MASOUD BARZANI at ERBIL, the capital of the autonomous Kurdistan region.

7. SYRIA. The UN Security Council unanimously passed Resolution 2336 aiming to pave way for talks next month in KAZAKHSTAN’s capital ASTANA between IRAN and of rebel backer TURKEY under the aegis of RUSSIA. RUSSIA and TURKEY say that the talks would supplement not replace, UN-backed peace efforts, including negotiations set to resume on 8 February in GENEVA. The US which is conspicuously absent from the new process has also called the truce positive and RUSSIA anticipates to bring in the TRUMP Administration to join the talks once it assumes office on 20 January. However, the ceasefire appeared under threat as sporadic clashes continued near rebel-held regions of DAMASCUS on 3 January. 10 rebel groups have declared that any advance on the ground will make the nationwide ceasefire void.

8. TURKEY. Making the fourth terrorist attack in TURKEY in less than a month, a gunman reported to have been trained in SYRIA and dressed as Santa Claus killed 39 people while dozens more were wounded on 1 January in an ISTANBUL nightclub. The Islamic State claimed responsibility for the attack and accused TURKEY of being a servant of Christians. They alleged that the REINA nightclub was a gathering point of Christians celebrating their ‘Apostate holiday’. TURKEY accepts that it was a clear massage against the ‘Operation Euphrates Shield’ which was launched on 24 August in Northern SYRIA and also due to TURKEY’s attempts to create peace in the region. Turkish incursion in SYRIA has the objective of ousting IS Jihadists and Kurdish militants from the border areas.


9. CONGO. Resource rich but chronically poor, corrupt and politically unstable DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF CONGO reached a landmark accord on 30 December that could haul the country out of a perilous political crisis. Negotiations launched by the Roman Catholic Church between President JOSEPH KABILA and the Opposition groups led by ETIENNE TSHISEKEDI on 8 December ended up with an agreement allowing President KABILA to stay in power until the end of 2017, while a National Transition Council being set up for overseeing the electoral agreement and process by the National Episcopal conference of CONGO (CENCO). KABILA has guaranteed that he would not seek a third term mandate at the next election. Since the Independence from BELGIUM in 1960, there has never been democratic transfer of power in DR CONGO which had the deadliest conflict in modern African history in late 1990s and early 2000s. During the armed conflict at least 6 African armies got involved and left more than 3 million dead. Its Eastern part still remained a battle ground for rival ethnic militias.

|Friday 23 December to Friday 30 December 2016|



1. INDIA. A survey carried out by Doctors without Borders (MSF) has come up to prominence once again as many people in the KASHMIR Valley continues to develop symptoms of depression. It states that nearly 1.8 million people suffer from some form of mental stress and a majority has experienced conflict related trauma. The 27-year-old armed rebellion against Indian rule has been centered in the KASHMIR valley than in the LADAKH and JAMMU regions.

2. AFGHANISTAN. RUSSIA, CHINA and PAKISTAN met in MOSCOW on 27 December and warned that the influence of Islamic State (IS) was growing in AFGHANISTAN. This is the third in a series of consultations between the three countries that has so far excluded the US and AFGHANISTAN. RUSSIA’s Ambassador to the UN, VITALLY CHURKIN informed the Security Council that ISIS militants fleeing SYRIA and IRAQ are entering AFGHANISTAN for shelter and will eventually pose a threat to RUSSIA through Central Asian States. There are claims by the US and Afghan officials that RUSSIA is deepening its ties with Taliban militants fighting the Government, though RUSSIA denies providing aid to the insurgents.


3. SOUTH KOREA. A group of 29 legislators from the ruling Saenuri Party who voted to impeach South Korean President PARK GEUN HYE on 9 December has broken away to form a new political party and expressed a wish to nominate former UN Secretary General BAN KI MOON as the party's Presidential candidate.

4. JAPAN. The Government of Prime Minister SHINZO ABE, in a hitherto unprecedented move approved JAPAN’s biggest annual defense budget (5.13 trillion - US $ 43.6 billion) on 22 December and it provoked a more belligerent stand by CHINA. JAPAN is highly concerned about its 3rd generation Muslim youth and faces a security dilemma in relation to the ISIS influence in the country. JAPAN’s ambition to host the 2020 Olympics, further calls for a comprehensive security network to be in place.


5. SYRIA. President VLADIMIR PUTIN in his annual end of the year, press conference on 25 December said that the Presidents of TURKEY, IRAN and SYRIA have agreed to take part in new peace talks proposed by RUSSIA, in the KAZAKH capital ASTANA.

6. ISRAEL The UN Security Council passed a landmark resolution on 23 December, condemning ISRAEL over the expansion of settlements in the occupied Palestinian territories while the US abstained from voting. The Israeli Prime Minister said that ISRAEL would not abide by the resolution, and announced retaliatory measures on 24 December, against NEW ZEALAND and SENEGAL, which sponsored the resolution in the Security Council. ISRAEL also ordered its Ambassadors in those two countries to return to ISRAEL for consultations.


7. GERMANY. Chancellor ANGELA MERKEL’s response to the 19 December Christmas market attack in BERLIN was deliberately low key in spite of coming under great political pressure to crackdown on GERMANY’s Muslims, including millions who have been born there. Her own Christian Democratic Union party members and people like FRAUKE PETRY, the co-leader of GERMANY’s far right Alternative for Germany Party (AfD) have demanded MERKEL to rethink the immigration and security policy. However, the German leader seems to have understood the way the terrorists provoke the Western nations to drive more Muslims into terrorist hands, as in the case of retaliation against 9/11 attacks.


8. US. In view of the CIA’s accusation of RUSSIA’s interference in the 2016 US Presidential Campaign, Political Scientist DOV LEVIN of Carnegie Mellon University said that in 1996, the US under CLINTON administration influenced BORIS YELTSIN’s campaign for RUSSIA’s Presidency, by releasing US $ 10.2 billion loan from the IMF to move RUSSIA toward a capitalist economy. According to the report both countries have attempted to influence elections in other countries on numerous occasions since 1946.

9. President elect DONALD TRUMP on 22 December, called on to expand the US nuclear weapons capabilities until the world ‘comes to its senses’ regarding nukes. TRUMP’s comments were made on the same day Russian President VLADIMIR PUTIN called for strengthening the Military potential of RUSSIA’s strategic nuclear forces and stressed that RUSSIA would carefully monitor any changes in the balance of power and in the political-military situation especially along RUSSIA’s borders in the Western, South Western and Arctic strategic sectors.

10. ASIAN HUMAN RIGHTS COMMISSION (AHRC). The HONG KONG based AHRC in its 2016 end of the year commentary on Human Rights in SRI LANKA ‘The sound of the dengue mosquito was heard louder than the national anthem’ released on 23 December states, ‘the neglect of the right to life within the country is quite symbolically expressed in the failure to address the spread of dengue and deaths on road which is also a part of common conversation.’ The appalling lawlessness, extraordinary delays in the system of justice, failure to create an independent investigating mechanism (as cited in the UN Committee Against Torture at the 5th session on SRI LANKA on 26 September), defects in the criminal investigation system conducted by the Police without the control of the AG and Courts and the failure to appoint independent investigation teams in a matter of design so as to discourage complaint making against Police and Security Forces have been made prominent in the report. It concludes that neither the Government nor the Opposition has any genuine interest in improving the respect for human rights in the country.

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Playing with fear (243)

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Singapore Warns of Islamic State Terror Nexus in Southeast Asia (288)

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Align trade and agricultural development policies better to achieve food security (280)

Russia gave warning of Syria cruise missile strikes, US says (292)

Should NATO Consider Bringing Russia In? (259)

Is Food Security Breaking Through in Paris Climate Talks? (330)

Poland Fuels NATO vs. Russia Nuclear War (299)

US, Singapore Agree Spy Plane Deployment Amid South China Sea Tensions (283)

US, Singapore Agree Spy Plane Deployment Amid South China Sea Tensions (1537)

Sharia courts in Britain 'lock women into marital captivity and do not officially report domestic violence' says academic (266)

Malaysia Wants Expanded Naval Protocol Amid South China Sea Disputes (296)

China and the Curious Case of the OPM Hack (262)

The New China-Africa Relations: 4 Trends to Watch (290)

Israels covert involvement in Syria conflict to escalate (263)

Pentagon chief to military: Open all combat jobs to women (795)

ISIS Plans Terror Attacks In UK For Airstrikes (364)

China, Bangladesh Pledge Deeper Military Cooperation (326)

Climate talks: 4C rise will have dire effect on world hunger, UN warns (276)

Suu Kyi meets Myanmar president, army chief for power shift talks (332)

Sino-Indian Border Talks Not Enough to Defuse Tensions (334)

Russia Picks Nuclear Allies For Imminent War With NATO (286)

South Asian Leaders Meet on Sidelines of Paris Climate Talks (277)

US Special Operations Forces Expanding in Iraq to Battle ISIS (291)

Amid South China Sea Tensions, Japan Strengthens Ties With Philippines, Vietnam (297)

The India-Nepal Crisis (294)

5 Ways Russian Sanctions Can Hurt Turkeys Economy (238)

U.S. tightens visa waiver program in wake of Paris attacks (303)

Why the Paris Attacks May Signal the European Union's Final Fracture (327)

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Obamas legacy on climate is at stake in Paris talks (274)

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Washington backs early Kabul-Taliban talks (298)

Will downing of Russian plane see Russia-Turkey divorce? (253)

Russia Deploys Ground Troops In Syria (297)

Preventable errors led to hospital attack, military says (286)

Range of Frustrations Reached Boil as Turkey Shot Down Russian Jet (302)

Chinese State Firm Takes Control of Strategically Vital Gwadar Port (325)

Russia Turning Arctic Into Large Military Base (270)

What is the U.S. Strategy to Fight ISIS? (283)

US Cyber Commands Veiled Threat: China Vulnerable in Cyberspace (274)

India and Russia: A Course Correction (276)

I saw thousands and thousands of people in New Jersey cheer the 9/11 attacks says Donald Trump (293)

A taste of tomorrow - food security in the future (305)

China is on High Alert for Japans Intervention in South China Sea (361)

Hungry people forced into downward spiral by disasters - UN (289)

After Paris Attacks, China Seeks More International Help Fighting Xinjiang Separatists (1509)

Hero police dog walks to her death: Heartbreaking photo shows Diesel just moments before she was killed by woman suicide bomber in Paris siege (303)

$1.4tn a year needed to reach global goals for world's poorest (283)

Can China Rebuild Its Special Relationship With Malaysia? (265)

The Forthcoming Heart Of Asia Conference (356)

Chilling new face of police in Britain: New counter terrorism 'robocops' dressed in military fatigues and armed with semi-automatic rifles deployed at Wembley (318)

El Nio: food shortages, floods, disease and droughts set to put millions at risk (269)

China and US Hold Joint Naval Exercise (337)

Bangladesh: Dangerous Resurgence (1541)

The Hypocrisy of US Freedom of Navigation Operations in the South China Sea (369)

Paris attacks deepen GOP opposition to Syrian refugee influx (299)

The battle against impunity goes on (269)

ISIL and the illusion of a clash of civilizations (287)

How Will Myanmar's Elections Affect Relations With China? (303)

Obama and Putin's power huddle: The two most powerful men in the world hold 30-minute meeting hunched over a coffee table at G20 after the president vowed to 'redouble' fight against ISIS (361)

Slow death in oceans from millions of tons of plastic waste (276)

Radical panelists at 'Quiz a Muslim' event demanded establishment of an Islamic State in Britain as jihadists went on bloody rampage through Paris (328)

AP Newsbreak: Iraq warned of attacks before Paris assault (296)

Iraq Warned Countries Fighting ISIS of Imminent Attack (1478)

China's Potential Pitfalls #5: The United States (344)

The Road to a US-Pakistan Nuclear Deal Begins in Islamabad (256)

Myanmars Opposition Clinches Majority in Historic Election Win (409)

44 Reasons to Ban or Label GMOs (1547)

Indonesias Jokowi to Skip APEC in the Philippines (379)

Russias Military Arrives In North Korea (332)

Did China Try Restricting US Bombers in the South China Sea? (254)

PM Modis ABC Approach To Kashmir (379)

Veteran suicide: the stories behind the statistics (350)

Why ASEAN Should Celebrate Myanmar's Election (363)

Plane crash, scandals and British-Egyptian relations (264)

Burundi leaders warned to stop inciting mass violence (266)

Myanmars Elections: What Now? (401)

Floods, Riots in Mock 2026 Food Crisis Test Government Response (292)

China Seeks to Woo ASEAN Through Singapore (300)

Bihar Says No to the BJP: What Now? (287)

Trouble on Christmas Island (373)

Reconciling Chinas PLAN: Strategic Intervention, Tactical Engagement (336)

Turmoil in India-Nepal Ties as China Moves In (350)

Food policy: Cutting waste, broadening systems (344)

A Generals Election in Myanmar (373)

Canada now has the world's most Sikh cabinet (383)

Bangladeshs Terrorist Problem (362)

The China-Russia-Mongolia Trilateral Gains Steam (307)

World food prices had their biggest monthly jump since July 2012 (285)

Why the US Navy's First South China Sea FONOP Wasn't a FONOP (378)

Syria war: A turning point in Russia-West relations? (1512)

Kidnapped UN workers released by South Sudan rebels (272)

Aluminium threat to food security revealed (290)

What China's 'Militarization' of the South China Sea Would Actually Look Like (379)

EU Migrant Crisis: Focus On Hungary (350)

China Blocked ASEAN Defense Meeting Pact Amid South China Sea Fears: US Official (1518)

Climate change poses major threat to food security, warns UN expert (310)

The Unintended Consequences of the US Freedom of Navigation Operations in the South China Sea (297)

Russia Sends Troops To NATO Borders (1471)

GE Soybeans Give Altered Milk and Stunted Offspring, Researchers Find (253)

China Holds Bilateral Talks With South Korea, Japan (347)

Climate change making food crops less nutritious, research finds (301)

Obama orders Special Forces troops into Syria (416)

US, NATO vs. Russia War Will Be The End Of Humanity (424)

A First: Japanese and US Navies Hold Exercise in South China Sea. (350)

In China, Germany's Merkel Talks Trade, Syria, and South China Sea (1602)

More than 800,000 refugees returning to Syria as Putin obliterates Islamic State (244)

In Maldives, VP Arrested in Connection With Possible Assassination Attempt on President (363)

China-U.K. Deal: A Threat To The West? (292)

U.S. jets intercept Russian planes near USS Ronald Reagan (370)

China naval chief says minor incident could spark war in South China Sea (317)

Can the US and China Cooperate on the First (and Last) Line of Cyber Defense? (339)

Australia Lagging in Cyber War. (399)

The Islamic State Weighs in on the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict (288)

United Nations Votes 191-2 To Condemn US Embargo Against Cuba (363)

Beating climate change is key to making nutritious food needed to beat hunger (331)

How China Maintains Strategic Ambiguity in the South China Sea (286)

CIA chief 'outraged' by personal email hack (371)

Processed Meats Classified As Carcinogens By World Health Organization (280)

Indonesia Calls for South China Sea Restraint Amid US-China Tensions. (299)

China's Big Week for European Diplomacy (221)

Will the new deal end conflict in South Sudan? (271)

Major Takeaways from Nawaz Sharif's US Visit (302)

Britain's Tony Blair: Iraq war contributed to rise of IS (284)

Trump: Wed be better off if Hussein and Gadhafi were still in power (340)

Parks US Visit Highlights Balancing Act With China (266)

Regime and Iranian Forces Launch Multi-Pronged Offensive in Aleppo (332)

Reducing Food Wastage: Not Just Food for Thought (301)

Chinas Changing North Korea Policy (355)

Russia's Syria campaign is no panacea (334)

Hybrid War In Afghanistan Takes A New Turn Analysis (365)

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Australias New Terrorism Test. (355)

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To end malnutrition, we must step up to the plate with data on what people eat (309)

5 Reasons to Pay Attention to the Global Food Security Act (337)

Britain could ditch human rights laws for troops in battle because of rising compensation culture after Iraq and Afghanistan wars (366)

Is the US Giving Myanmar a Free Pass? (365)

MSF says bombing of Afghan hospital no mistake (285)

If we want to end poverty, we need to be able to measure it properly (361)

Putin's pivot: The Russians are coming to Asia (375)

What Would Reagan Do About Chinas Violations of the Law of the Sea? (376)

Time for UN to Shift Its Mission in Yemen (290)

Horses beaten with electric prods, cows left to bleed to death while still conscious and pigs crammed into 'gas cages' in horrifying footage from French abattoir which has prompted animal cruelty probe (410)

Marines Reunite With Dogs They Served With in Middle East After Years Apart (339)

The U.S. Military's 6th Generation Fighter: 5 Ways To Dominate the Sky (382)

Vietnam Between China and the United States: The Next Balancing Test Beckons. (356)

Russia Using Syria As Testing Ground For Its Modern Weaponry (279)

World Food Day and food security (351)

Malnutrition linked to nearly half of deaths among under-fives (375)

U.S. military wants to develop a vampire drone that vanishes in the daylight (399)

What South Africa leaving the International Criminal Court would mean... (338)

Refugees and Neighbors: Rohingya in Bangladesh. (389)

US troops deployed to Cameroon for Boko Haram fight (332)

Carter says U.S. will sail, fly and operate wherever whenever (338)

China Enforcing Quasi-ADIZ in South China Sea: Philippine Justice. (372)

Sri Lanka Tamil prisoners on hunger strike demand release (313)

Expanding social protection offers a faster track to ending hunger UN report (356)

Police told to record hate crimes against Muslims separately: Cameron wants figures to be published (339)

Seafood hit by climate change, Australian study finds (369)

Catalonia, A New State Within Europe? (391)

Myanmars Cease-Fire Deal Comes Up Short. (295)

Saudi Arabia just replenished Syrian rebels with one of the most effective weapons against the Assad regime (361)

ISIS and the Dangers of Black Market Oil (491)

Food prices lower for longer (275)

US Boosting ASEAN Capacity Amid South China Sea Tensions. (388)

'Australian Islamic State Fighters Doubled Last Year' (355)

Russias Goals, Tactics, And Strategy In Syria War (362)

Hundreds of thousands of migrants will be deported from the EU within weeks under secret plans intended to deter irregular migration (383)

Arsenic found in many American red wines but health risks depend on total diet (332)

Malaysia to Host New Conference to Tackle Islamic State Challenge. (392)

Does China Approve of Russias Airstrikes in Syria? (354)


US-Russia Proxy War In Syria Who s On Russia s Side? (366)

Taliban in Kunduz ISIS in Nangarhar: Fiefdoms of Conflict in Afghanistan (357)


What Does China Think of the TPP? (371)

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Strongest Militaries in the World (374)

Twists and Turns in Thailand s Bombing Case. (374)

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Powerful El Nio to cause hunger among world s poorest people (265)

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There is no planet B (351)

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Australia s New Defence Minister. (370)

The Taliban Take Kunduz: An Eyewitness Account (348)

Southeast Asia s Piracy Headache. (349)

Russia U.S. Ties Putin And Obama Meet (355)

China-US Cyber Agreements Has Beijing Outmaneuvered Washington? (349)

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How do we protect global food supplies from extreme weather? (388)

PUTIN goes to WAR against ISIS: Stop dithering and FIGHT Russian leader tells West (341)

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What to Read on Xi Jinping s US Visit (338)

Thailand s Military Junta is Clueless about Economic Policy. (352)

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Tolerance levels & more (374)

China Myanmar Talk Border Security at Military Consultation (375)

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Good News Global Food Policy Report Strikes Optimistic Tone (325)

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China South America and Regional Integration (331)

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Hidden hunger is a global killer (370)

The Chinese Cyber Threat in the South China Sea (356)

The Real Significance of the Japan-Vietnam Strategic Partnership. (283)

India and Sri Lanka Vow to Increase Security and Economic Cooperation (337)

China or Iran Who Is the Bigger Threat to U.S. Airpower? (379)

West vs. Russia Media War Heating Up (307)

Becoming the Zero Hunger generation Achieving food security for all (344)

Qatari troops join fight against Houthi rebels (240)

Evaluating the US-India Strategic Agenda (331)

Marine life plummets and food security at risk (366)

China Iran Predict Closer Ties Thanks to Nuclear Deal (341)

Iran Nuclear Deal Lands In the Middle of 2016 Debate (280)

Myanmar Shan Villagers and the Salween Dam Fight. (363)

Anti-Submarine Operations in the Indian Ocean (367)

Improving Women s Rights A Step Toward Global Food Security (269)

Europe s security situation significantly worsened last year (283)

US China Hold Cyber Talks Before Xi s Visit (338)

Nepal: Terai Agitation And The Constitution Making Proces (361)

Investors Are Grabbing a Japan-Size Chunk of the Developing World for Food and Water (348)

India-Egypt Relationship: Looking for a new Momentum (291)

Amid Shifting Geopolitical Dynamics India Plays Hard Ball in Afghanistan (315)

Europe s refugee crisis explained (341)

Philippines Australia to Hold Joint Military Exercises. (349)

The Refugee Crisis Isn t a European Problem (370)

Trash or treasure? Repurposing would-be wasted food to feed the hungry and create jobs (378)

Cambodia s Montagnard Problem. (363)

Australia to Bomb Syria? (293)

Is India s APEC Membership on the Table at this Year s Summit? (295)

The solution to this refugee crisis? A revised EU treaty (368)

India and Food Safety (363)

What Thailand s Rejected Constitution Means. (350)

Without ensuring universal access to water there can be no food security (366)

Russia And China Expanding And Cooperating Militarily (301)

Australia Wants to Join India US and Japan in Naval Exercises- Defense Minister (365)

The Problems Foreign Powers Find In The Balkans (357)

Singapore s Impressive Food Security (364)

Afghanistan s Looming Crisis (365)

Exclusive Who s Really Behind Thailand s Erawan Shrine Bomb Blast? (397)

From a Unipolar to a Bipolar Superpower System The Future of the Global Power Dynamic (394)

A Balancing Act;Food for the Hungry Fuel for Your Car (357)

Russia Has a China Problem Too (297)

NATO vs. Russia War Could Begin Today Or Tomorrow (376)

India and Seychelles Strengthen Ties Around Maritime Security Economic Cooperation (363)

Thailand s Navy to Get Boost with New Patrol Vessels. (374)

Global Food Security and the Missed Message of Milan s Expo 2015 (365)

What Now for China s Afghanistan Strategy? (377)

Adrift in ASEAN Tackling Southeast Asia s Migration Challenge. (301)

Putin Says Russia-China Relations At Historic Peak (371)

Australia s Disastrous Asylum Seeker Deal. (342)

A Cold Summer for China and Russia? (303)

Peace is back off the agenda (356)

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Philippines Asks for US Military Assistance in South China Sea. (400)

Russia Exploits Obamas Weaknesses To Destroy US Global Dominance (369)

Growing doubts over GMO safety a scientist s experience (383)

Rethinking the Obama-Xi Summit (386)

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