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|Friday 16 December to Friday 23 December 2016|



1. INDIA/PAKISTAN. Pakistani and Indian officials expressed willingness on 21 December, to resume direct talks over water sharing, after the World Bank halted a process to arbitrate a long standing dispute over two Indian Hydroelectric Projects to be built on the CHENAB and JHELUM Rivers. PAKISTAN which has a largely agriculture based economy, fears the projects would severely deplete its water resources and there is the possibility of the dispute developing into a conflict between the two countries. PAKISTAN has exclusive rights to both water ways under the 1960 Indus Water Treaty brokered by the World Bank.

2. PAKISTAN. INDIA, BANGLADESH and AFGHANISTAN condemned PAKISTAN this week for harbouring terrorist groups like Taliban, Al-Qaeda and its designated affiliates Lashkar-e-Taiba and Jaish-e-Muhammad. President ASHRAF GHANI also rejected PAKISTAN’s offer of $ 500 million for Afghan reconstruction and asked PAKISTAN to use the funds to contain extremist groups in the country. INDIA’s permanent representative to the UN, SYED AKBARUDDIN said on 20 December that to bring sustainable peace to AFGHANISTAN, terror groups must be denied safe havens in PAKISTAN. Meanwhile, the Bangladeshi Home Minister KHAN KAMAL said on 18 December that PAKISTAN needs to be isolated for harbouring and supporting terrorists. He further said the delay in the Teesta Water Sharing Treaty with INDIA is giving an opportunity to fundamentalist organisations flaring up anti-INDIA passions in BANGLADESH.


3. JAPAN. Japanese Prime Minister SHINZO ABE and Russian President VLADIMIR PUTIN ended their summit on 16 December, with numerous economic deals and rekindling new hopes on resolving the territorial dispute over the four barren Islands in the Western Pacific controlled by RUSSIA but also claimed by JAPAN. The Islands, known in JAPAN as the Northern Territories and in RUSSIA as the Southern Kurils were seized by Soviet Forces in the final days of World War II and 17,000 Japanese residents were forced to flee. These isles have strategic value for RUSSIA, in ensuring Naval access to the Western Pacific. It is reported that the Economic and Security Cooperation between two countries are of paramount importance as JAPAN is seeking ways to counter a rising CHINA while RUSSIA turns to the East to avoid US and European sanctions.

4. THE PHILIPPINES. The PHILIPPINES Government said on 19 December that the country would get both Financial and Military assistance to fight illegal drugs and terrorism from CHINA. Defence Minister DELFIN LORENZAN further intimated that CHINA would also establish a drug rehabilitation centre in the country. CHINA has publicly backed the anti-crime campaign launched in May by President RODRIGO DUTERTE. The US had earlier decided to block the sale of weapons to PHILIPPINES over Human Rights concerns emanating from the controversial anti-crime programme and also to defer action on development aid as well. Meanwhile, UN rights chief ZEID RAAD AL HUSSEIN on 20 December urged the PHILIPPINE Judiciary to investigate President DUTERTE for murder.

5. CHINA. A US underwater drone seized by the Chinese Navy on 15 December, in the South China Sea was handed back on 19 December. Pentagon said the unmanned underwater vehicles (UUV) collect entirely unclassified data on water temperature and salinity useful for the American Navy to deploy submarines strategically. Analysts believe that the incident will stoke US concerns about the growing military build-up by CHINA in the South China Sea. The Chinese authorities are accused of being in the habit of regularly testing each new American President by manufacturing a potential national security crisis as they practiced just a few months after GEORGE W BUSH and BARACK OBAMA took office respectively in 2001 and 2008.

6. INDONESIA. INDONESIA foiled plans for a Christmas suicide bombing, killing 3 suspected militants in South TANGERANG, 25 km outside JAKARTA on 21 December. Two weeks ago 4 militants were arrested in BEKASHI, East of JAKARTA who had pledged allegiance to ISIS. INDONESIA, the world’s most populous Muslim majority country suffered deadly homegrown terrorist attacks during the 2000s. Though, Army action had weakened them, there have been fears of resurgence in militancy since hundreds of Indonesians have travelled to SYRIA to join the ISIS and other Jihadist groups.


7. KAZAKHSTAN. KAZAKHSTAN's State Security Service is reported to have detained 16 suspected members of Takfirwal-Hijra Islamist group on 21 December after carrying out raids in four Provinces to neutralise the cells of religious extremist organization. The Islamist group, established in EGYPT in the 1960s, has been banned in KAZAKHSTAN since 2014 and is reported to be sympathisers of Jihadists in IRAQ and SYRIA and rejects secular Government and Constitutional laws. KAZAKHSTAN, a Muslim country became independent of the SOVIET UNION in 1991. Thousands of nationals from Central Asian nations including KAZAKHSTAN are known to be fighting alongside Islamic State militants in SYRIA and IRAQ, and authorities have long warned they could return and carry out attacks on home soil.


8. GERMANY. The ISIS claimed responsibility for the Berlin Truck attack which killed 12 people while injuring 50 others on 20 December. Both ISIS and Al-Qaeda have urged their followers to use trucks as a means to attack non-believers similar to the attack on Bastille Day crowds in FRANCE on 14 July. German Intelligence Services have been warning city authorities for the past week of possible attacks during the Christmas season and the Government on 21 December approved a draft law to broaden video surveillance in public and commercial areas with rising violent attacks and sexual assaults on women in GERMANY.


9. SYRIA. Russian Foreign Minister SERGEI LAVROV had separate talks with Iranian Foreign Minister MOHAMMAD JAVAD SHARIF and Turkish Foreign Minister MEVLOT CAVUSOGLU in MOSCOW, on 20 December regarding the conflict in SYRIA which has entered a crucial stage with the Government takeover of rebel held Eastern ALEPPO. This meeting went ahead despite the assassination of Russian Ambassador to TURKEY, ANDRA KARLOR on 19 December in ANKARA. RUSSIA and IRAN are in opposition to TURKEY in the Syrian conflict, with RUSSIA and IRAN backing the ASSAD Government and TURKEY supporting those seeking to topple ASSAD. It is highly significant that for the first time the US has been left out of the talks and it is a clear sign that RUSSIA is attempting to forge its own settlement after failing to work with the US. The ceasefire covers the entire Syrian territory but excludes the Jihadist groups, Islamic State and Al-Nustra Front, the former name of the ex-Al-Qaeda affiliate Fatah al-Sharm Front.

10. JORDAN. The Islamic State group claimed responsibility on 20 December, for the attack in KARAK, JORDAN that killed 7 policemen and 3 civilians and was in revenge for the US led coalition’s air campaign against Jihadists in SYRIA and IRAQ. JORDAN also hosts coalition troops on its territory and vowed the assault will reinforce its will to fight terrorism.


11. USA. President BARACK OBAMA, on 16 December called on President elect DONALD TRUMP and Republican Party members to put National Security before politics. US Intelligence has concluded that an audacious cyber hack and release of the Democratic Party emails was designed on the personal orders of Russian President VLADIMIR PUTIN gravely damaging Ms. HILLARY CLINTON in a closely fought presidential election - 2016. DONALD TRUMP praised PUTIN during his election campaign and played down the alleged cyber-attack, thus making Russian President a focal point of American Political debate. Meanwhile, President OBAMA rushed through ratification of the Paris Climate Accord in record time to make sure that it could not be shelved by the incoming TRUMP administration.

|Friday 09 December to Friday 16 December 2016|



1. INDIA. INDIA’s former National Security Adviser (NSA) SHIVSHANKAR MENON, in his book, “Choices: Inside the Making of India’s Foreign Policy”, referring to the final phase of SRI LANKA’s civil war says that ‘some brutality was inevitable in a war of this kind against a violent terrorist group that had shown no qualms about terrorising its own people and physically eliminating all its potential adversaries, Tamil or Sinhala. He also says that despite differences in public posture on the issue in TAMIL NADU and DELHI, there was cross party private understanding on the basics of the Indian foreign policy toward SRI LANKA, with both DMK and AIADMK parties.

2. PAKISTAN. As a part of a major reshuffle, Lt Gen RIZVAN AKHTAR, the head of the ISI was replaced on 11 December by the new Army Chief General QAMAR JAVED BAJWA and appointed President of the National Defence University (NDU). The ISPR (Inter Services Public Relations), the ISI media wing reported that Lt Gen NAVEED MUKHTAR replaced the outgoing spy chief and possesses vast experience in the field of intelligence and headed the counter-terrorism wing of the ISI in ISLAMABAD.


3. SERBIA. SERBIA’s decision to bring those responsible for the brutal Srebrenica massacre of 1995 to justice is considered as an unprecedented move towards ethnic reconciliation. The trial of 8 former Bosnian Serb Police Officers began on 12 December at the War Crimes Court in BELGRADE, SERBIA. It marked the first time that a Serbian court dealt with the killing of around 8000 Muslims in Srebrenica by Bosnian Serb troops during the Balkan War (1991 - 1995), Europe’s worst single atrocity since World War II. For over 20 years, the Srebrenica mass carnage has been an issue that has gone unsolved. Critics view the developments in SERBIA which was considered the aggressor state during the conflict has successfully overcome Serbian ethnicity and is operating on the basis of democratic values and secularism.


4. US. The names of Retired General DAVID PETRAEUS and Retired Admiral MICHAEL ROGERS have been considered by the TRUMP transition team as possible selectees for senior Cabinet appointments such as Director of National Intelligence in the incoming administration. TRUMP named retired 4 star Marine General JOHN KELLY to head the Department of Homeland Security which oversees several critical areas including immigration and border control on 8 December. Retired Marine General JAMES MATTIS and Retired Lt General MICHAEL FLYNN are already selected as Defense Secretary and the National Security Adviser. Critics say the number of ex-Military men threatens a cornerstone of American democracy, that civilians control the Military and the Government. Retired Army Lt Col and military scholar ANDREW BACEVICH told Time magazine this week that there is a possibility of referring to a ‘Trump junta’ rather than a ‘Trump administration’ given the increasing number of military appointments. Meanwhile, Time magazine named DONALD TRUMP as ‘Person of the Year’.

5. US President BARAK OBAMA ordered intelligence officials to conduct a broad review of election season cyber-attacks, including the email hacks On 10 December and to report before he leaves office on 20 January. Russian officials have repeatedly denied the hacking accusations by the US Intelligence while the WikiLeaks founder JULIAN ASSANGE says the DNC (Democratic National Committee) leaks were not linked to RUSSIA. TRUMP's team has also dismissed the US Intelligence claims and accuses the agencies of giving false details on Weapons of Mass Destruction in IRAQ. President OBAMA said DONALD TRUMP risks "flying blind" if he does not have daily briefings from the Intelligence services.


6. IRAQ. The UN warned that up to one million civilians could be driven from their homes by the fighting in the densely populated city MOSUL, adding to a population of over 3 million displaced in the country before the offensive began on 17 October. The civilian fallout from the battle could be the biggest humanitarian crisis in the world this year. The Iraqi Army says that the humanitarian fallout and the efforts to avoid civilian casualties have contributed to the slow pace of its advance. According to a report published by the LONDON based Conflict Armament Research group on 14 December, the ISIS is manufacturing weapons in and around MOSUL on an industrial scale maintaining a supply chain between TURKEY and IRAQ. ISIS is reported to have moved its highest trained bomb makers out of MOSUL and into SYRIA and SOUTHERN TURKEY as they place a high value on technical capacity.

7. EGYPT. President ABDEL FATTAH AL-SISSI declared 3 days of national mourning after the 11 December bomb blast that killed 23 people claimed by the ISIS near CAIRO’s Coptic Cathedral. Coptic Christians make up about 10% of EGYPT’s population and have been previously targeted by Jihadists. The attack took place on a national holiday to mark Prophet MOHAMMED’s birthday and would further divide religious communities in EGYPT and outside it, while aggravating security concerns particularly in the West. The target in these religion based attacks on minority religious communities is secularism against which armed challenges are growing especially in the Middle East and Mediterranean region.

8. SYRIA. The chairman of the UN humanitarian task force for SYRIA, JAN EGELAND told in GENEVA that RUSSIA and the US which back opposing sides in the civil war were still far apart on agreeing on terms. Meanwhile, representing a major victory for Syrian President BASHAR ASSAD, Syrian Government re-established control over the city on 13 December. ALEPPO has long been regarded as a major gateway between TURKEY and SYRIA. However, in one of the most significant counter attacks carried out, the ISIS recaptured the ancient Syrian city of PALMYRA on 11 December after only 9 months of Government control. US Intelligence said on 14 December that the IS may have taken possession of a Syrian Military Surface-to-Air Missile system in the city.


9. COLOMBIA. President JUAN MANUEL SANTOS who arrived in STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN on 10 December for his acceptance of the Nobel Peace Prize said that COLOMBIA studied SRI LANKA’s peace process extensively but did not follow it in many aspects. References were also made of other international peace road maps as well, before embarking on COLOMBIA’s 5 year peace talks with the Marxist FARC guerilla movement. President SANTOS said that the 50 year civil war in COLOMBIA had its own dynamics and own conditions. They have already reintegrated over 55000 combatants from both guerilla and paramilitary groups, an experience shared with post war SRI LANKA.


10. SOUTH SUDAN. DAVID SHEARER a member of NEW ZEALAND’s parliament who has led UN aid efforts worldwide is to be named as the Chief of the UN Mission, (UNMISS) in SOUTH SUDAN. The UN said on 8 December that its 14,000 Peacekeepers in the country are in the midst of one of the world’s toughest Peacekeeping Operations. It warns that SOUTH SUDAN faces a very real risk of ‘RWANDA like’ genocide and that the UNMISS would be powerless to stop the ongoing ethnic cleansing and the anticipated bloodbath. The conflict began in 2013, two years after SOUTH SUDAN got separated itself from SUDAN with strong support from the West led by the USA. The Tamil Diaspora and the LTTE have also been ardent backers of the South Sudanese Separatist struggle. Meanwhile, SOUTH SUDAN’s President SALVA KIIR called for a national dialogue that would attempt to redefine the country’s national identity on 14 December.

|Friday 02 December to Friday 09 December 2016|



1. AFGHANISTAN. Afghan President ASARAF GHANI said that the Taliban insurgency would not survive a month if it lost its sanctuary in PAKISTAN whilst addressing the Heart of Asia Conference which began in AMRITSAR, INDIA on 4 December. AFGHANISTAN is likely to announce an air cargo service with INDIA towards increasing trade because of the tense political relations with PAKISTAN at the conclusion of the conference. AFGHANISTAN depends on the Pakistani port of KARACHCHI, for its foreign trade and is allowed to send a limited amount of goods overland through PAKISTAN into INDIA. Imports from INDIA are not allowed along this route. In the meantime the Government is appealing to the local elders in the remote Eastern Province of NURISTAN to help prevent pro-ISIS militants, from expanding into thick forest territory, bordering PAKISTAN. With the Afghan Army and NATO forces struggling with a rising Taliban insurgency across the country, this prospect of an expanding Islamic State group has become a serious challenge to the stability of AFGHANISTAN. Afghan Intelligence says that the Taliban rejects the ISIS which is identified as ‘Daesh in AFGHANISTAN’ has so far been confined to the Eastern Province of NANGARHAR to the south of NURISTAN.

2. INDIA. TAMIL NADU politician JAYALALITHA JAYARAM who passed away on 4 December was a revered figure and had been elected Chief Minister on four occasions, despite being jailed twice over allegations of corruption. O. PANNEERSELVAM was sworn in as the Chief Minister of TAMIL NADU, on 6 December for the third time. He had been appointed to the post on two occasions, in 2001 and in 2014 when JAYALALITHA had to step down after being convicted by BANGALORE Special Court and KARNATAKA High Court respectively. Mr. PANNEERSELVAM belongs to the Thevar community which is one of the largest and loyal vote banks of the AIADMK. In his earlier stints as the Chief Minister, his Government was accused of being a puppet Government micro-managed by the late JAYALALITHA JAYARAM.


3. CHINA. Kanwa Asian Defense news site, specialising in Military developments reported on 6 December that, CHINA has been carrying out a Military build-up on its border with INDIA and that weapons have been deployed in TIBET and in the Western region of XINJIANG with airborne early warning and control systems in place along with fighter jets of various kinds. The large scale military build-up seems to be aimed at expanding a position of readiness and as deterrent against INDIA. In the meantime, Chinese State Councillor YANG JIECHI who is the Chief of General Office and Secretary-General to Chinese President on Foreign Affairs said last week that CHINA was opposed to any external intervention in the Internal Affairs of SRI LANKA and it is wrong to use Human Rights as a political tool. The councillor further said that CHINA believes that SRI LANKA is capable of handling its own affairs.

4. THE PHILIPPINES. PHILIPPINE Vice President Ms. LENI ROBREDO who was appointed to the cabinet by President RODRIGO DUTERTE on 1 July, resigned on 4 December criticising DUTERTE’s hard line law-and-order policy on the drugs war. LENI and DUTERTE belong to rival parties and opposed the plan to bring back the death penalty, lower the age of criminal responsibility to nine and also DUTERTE’s decision to allow the embalmed body of former dictator FERDINAND MARCOS to be buried at the national heroes cemetery in November. The President and Vice President are elected separately in the PHILIPPINES and there is a tradition in which the Vice President is given a cabinet position regardless of the political affiliation. Current surveys show Filipinos overwhelmingly endorse DUTERTE’s anti-crime policies.


5. NEW ZEALAND. According to Radio NEW ZEALAND and NZ Herald, the Immigration and Protection Tribunal of NEW ZEALAND had granted a Sri Lankan couple refugee status after upholding their appeal. The Tribunal said that, the allegation by the couple that underworld killers operated with immunity under the former and the current Governments was likely to be true. They had described how a Government Mafia commenced murdering their family members from 2010 onward following an attempt by them to uncover corruption and that after surviving several attempts on their lives they had reached NEW ZEALAND in April 2014. The Tribunal in its deliberations cited Amnesty International’s Annual report on SRI LANKA and to the Guardian and an Asian Human Rights Commission reports describing the situation as “Guns, goons the Police and politicians acting illegally” in SRI LANKA.


6. SYRIA. Syrian Government forces, backed by Russian air power, Shiite, Iranian and Hezbollah Militias seized two-third of the ISIS stronghold in East ALEPPO, SYRIA’s second largest city. RUSSIA and CHINA vetoed a UN Security Council resolution calling for a 7 day ceasefire in the battleground on 5 December. Opposition rebel groups consisting of factions such as the Fatah al-Sham Front (Al Qaeda’s Syrian affiliate Al-Nusra Front) and the Army of Islam have rejected withdrawal or evacuation as suggested by the West. Meanwhile the Russian Foreign Ministry accused Western leaders of being silent after the shelling of a mobile Russian hospital which killed two Russian medics on 5 December by militants in SYRIA.

7. IRAQ. The Islamic State Group’s Amaq news agency released a propaganda video on 7 December, showing captive British photojournalist JOHN CANTLIE detailing the destruction caused by the US air campaign in the IS stronghold of MOSUL. The progress of the Iraqi offensive has since been slow owing to severe counter attacks by the ISIS militants. The UN says that nearly 2000 members of the Iraqi Army and its Paramilitary forces were killed last month. The Iraqi Government has withheld its casualty figures and has requested the UN to discontinue publishing Iraqi losses.

8. LIBYA. The ISIS hold in SIRTE in the Libyan Coast facing Europe across the Mediterranean Sea was captured by the country’s UN backed Government of National Accord (GNA) on 4 December. The forces of the Unity Government began the offensive against the Daesh on 12 May after the GNA was launched in TRIPOLI in March. The operation was backed by the US which had launched over 470 airstrikes against the Daesh Jihadists. However, the legitimacy of the GNA is contested by a rival administration based in Eastern LIBYA.

9. IRAN. Iranian President HASSAN ROUHANI demanded on 4 December that, President OBAMA block the 10 year extension of the IRAN Sanctions Act (ISA) passed by the US Congress last week without signing it into law. IRAN considers the ISA as a violation of IRAN’s nuclear deal with six major world powers. The US says that the ISA extension is necessary for sanctions to be quickly imposed if IRAN contravened the Nuclear deal. President elect DONALD TRUMP also opposes the agreement and threatens to scrap it once in office. IRAN’s Parliament called on the Government to retaliate by implementing counter measures such as relaunching nuclear enrichment halted under the agreement on 4 December. Meanwhile, General JAMES MATTIS who has referred to IRAN as the single most enduring threat to stability and peace in the Middle East, has been named as the Secretary of Defence by President elect DONALD TRUMP.

10. SAUDI ARABIA. SAUDI ARABIA sentenced fifteen people to death from the thirty two who were tried for spying for IRAN on 6 December. Most of the Saudis were members of the Shiite minority in the Kingdom and Amnesty International called the death sentence a travesty of justice and a serious violation of human Rights. The trial was also criticised by the Human Rights Watch as flawed from the beginning. IRAN denied the espionage charges and urged SAUDI ARABIA to refrain from increasing tension in the region.


11. EUROPE. Europol warned on 2 December that, ISIS is planning new terror attacks on Europe. Countries fighting ISIS in SYRIA and IRAQ including FRANCE, BELGIUM, GERMANY, UK and the NETHERLANDS are reported to be at the greatest risk and FRANCE remains high on the list considering its position as a symbol of Western Culture and Military engagement in predominantly Muslim nations in AFRICA and the Middle East. The ISIS blames FRANCE for the breakup of the Ottoman Empire after the First World War and the abolition of the Caliphate and are choosing soft targets like civilians instead of attacking well-guarded Military or Nuclear facilities in Europe. Sunni Muslim Diaspora and Syrian refugees are becoming vulnerable to radicalisation once in Europe and according to German Intelligence only 1 in 10 Syrians or Iraqis in Europe have grown disillusioned with extremist ideology. Meanwhile, ABU AL-HASSAN AL-MUHAJER, the Islamic State’s new spokesman, urged its supporters to redouble their efforts targeting markets, roads and clubs throughout Europe in his inaugural audio message on 5 December.

|Friday 25 November to Friday 02 December 2016|



1. PAKISTAN. Owing to worst cross-border violence since 2003 ceasefire along the LoC, PAKISTAN shut down the main road connecting the Azad Kashmiri capital of MUZAFFARABAD with the Neelum Valley sealing it off from the rest of PAKISTAN. Meanwhile, Prime Minister NAWAZ SHARIF appointed Lieutenant General QAMAR JAVED BAJWA as the new Army Chief on 26 November in a rare example of a smooth transition in a nation where Generals have a history of clinging to power. The former Army Chief General RAHEEL SHARIF will become the first Army Chief in more than 20 years to step down at the end of his term.

2. The BALOCHISTAN High Court issued an arrest warrant against former President Gen PERVEZ MUSHARRAF on 28 November pertaining to the alleged murder of former Baloch leader AKBAR KHAN BUGTI in a Military operation in August 2006. BUGTI led an armed rebellion to press for Provincial autonomy and a greater share of profits from BALOCHISTAN's natural resources. Prime Minister NAWAZ SHARIF invited TURKMENISTAN’s President GURBANGULY BERDIMUHAMEDOV on 25 November to join the multibillion-dollar China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) which provides connectivity to GWADAR and KARACHI Port. The two leaders also discussed matters relating to the TURKMENISTAN-AFGHANISTAN-PAKISTAN-INDIA(TAPI) gas pipeline and re-establishing air links between the two countries.

3. INDIA. The Indian Home Ministry prepared a national social media policy to counter cyber threats from terror outfits while working closely with intelligence agencies in the UAE, SYRIA and TURKEY to cut off the routes for Indian nationals. During a three day Police conference from 24 - 27 November, it was revealed that 450 people have been under surveillance for their alleged links with the ISIS which shows an increase since last year. According to information, ISIS recruiters begin by identifying possible candidates who ‘share’ or ‘like’ pro-ISIS literature, and then encourage them to share more content before trying to inspire them into ISIS.


4. INDONESIA. Indonesian authorities thwarted a terror plot to attack the Parliament building, Police Headquarters and television stations in JAKARTA. The Police said on 27 November, that a terror group, based in MAJALENGKA, WEST JAVA was found to be in possession of TNT and RDX used by the Military. In a separate operation on 26 November, the Police rounded up several other militants loyal to ISIS. Some of the suspects have helped Indonesians travel to SYRIA to join ISIS while two of them participated in the 4 November protest targeted at JAKARTA Governor BASUKI TJAHAJA PURNAMA over blasphemy allegations.

5. MONGOLIA. CHINA reacted on 25 November to MONGOLIA’s decision to allow a visit by the DALAI LAMA, TIBET’s spiritual leader to the country from 19 - 23 November. This is, in spite of the Mongolian Government informing CHINA that visit had no connection with the Government. CHINA immediately postponed all bilateral interactions with MONGOLIA affecting talks on Chinese loans and infrastructure initiatives planned for the country. As a result of CHINA’s freeze on Diplomacy with MONGOLIA, trilateral initiatives between RUSSIA, CHINA and MONGOLIA that began with the signing of an economic partnership agreement during the 11th meeting of the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation earlier this year will likely not go ahead as scheduled.


6. SYRIA. A dramatic collapse of opposition front lines on 28 November took place in North Eastern ALEEPPO. Anti-government rebel groups have begun handing over a number of districts bordering the area, to Kurdish Protection Units (YPG). This agreement has been reached to protect the lives of civilians and to avoid shelling by Syrian Government and Russian forces. The British based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights headed by RAMI ABDURAHMAN said that the Syrian Army has brought nearly 30% of ALEPPO’s formerly rebel held areas under state control. If the Syrian government captures all of East ALEPPO, it will be in control of the country’s four largest cities as well as the coastal region.

7. IRAQ. Iraqi Security Forces and state sanctioned Shiite militias are leading the MOSUL offensive and are 90 km from the IRAQ’s second largest city. Meanwhile, thousands of Iraqi civilians fled from the areas between MOSUL and RAQQA and the UN human rights office reported that IS fighters are shooting at fleeing civilians and killing people who are suspected of giving information to the advancing Iraqi Army. The UN warned that the growing number of wounded civilians and Military are overwhelming the capacity of the Government and International aid groups. Iraqi military estimates put the number of IS militants in MOSUL facing a 100,000 strong coalition of Iraqi Government units, Peshmerga fighters and Shiite militias at 5000 to 6000.


8. GERMANY. An employee of German domestic Intelligence Service (BfV) was arrested over a suspected Islamist plot to bomb its COLOGNE Headquarters. Meanwhile, the Police launched a crackdown with raids in 60 different cities on about 190 mosques, flats and offices believed to have links to the Islamist missionary network ‘The True Religion.’ The BfV and the Federal Intelligence Service (BND) dealing with foreign intelligence estimate that there are about 40,000 Islamists in GERMANY, including 9,200 ultra-conservative Islamists known as Salafists. More than 800 Germans are reported to have fought in SYRIA or IRAQ and around a third are said to have returned to GERMANY.


9. USA. JOHN BRENNAN, the director of the US Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) warned President-elect DONALD TRUMP on 30 November, over the dangers of scrapping the IRAN Nuclear deal, as well as trusting RUSSIA. He warned that scrapping the agreement would risk strengthening hard liners in IRAN and risk other states pursuing nuclear programmes in response to a renewed Iranian effort. Meanwhile, the Washington Post reported on 23 November that Mr. TRUMP has turned away meeting Intelligence officials for classified briefings, whilst Vice President elect MIKE PENCE, is receiving Intelligence briefings on a daily basis in the same manner the last three Presidents acted during their transition period. As the Presidential candidate TRUMP voiced skepticism of the US intelligence community.

10. An immigrant Somali Student named ABDUL RAZAK ARTAN was shot and killed by Police on 28 November after driving into a crowd at the OHIO State University. ARTAN urged Muslims to listen to the words of the US born Al-QAEDA cleric ANWAR AL-AWLAKI who inspired numerous conversions to the ISIS. The Jihadist linked news agency called the dead student a ‘soldier’ of the IS group. There are around 100,000 Somali – Americans, and an increasing number of incidents have been reported involving the Somali community in US in jihadist – inspired activities.

11. CUBA. Three days after the death of CUBA’s leader FIDEL CASTRO on 25 November, the US President-elect DONALD TRUMP threatened to end the political opening announced in 2014 by outgoing President BARACK OBAMA and Cuban President RAUL CASTRO. This comment has given rise to speculation about the incoming Republican administration’s policy regarding communist ruled CUBA. Meanwhile, Cubans, endorsed the ‘Concept of the Revolution’ defined by FIDEL CASTRO in a solemn oath.

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Malaysia to Launch New Center to Counter Islamic State Messaging in May (275)

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Carbon dioxide causing 'intoxication' of ocean fish sooner than expected (1480)

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Arabs in the eye of history (255)

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Scientist sound alarm over hydropowers impact on tropical fish biodiversity (221)

Revealed: China's Blueprint for Building Middle East Relations (252)

Inside The Unbelievable Arrest Of El Chapo (226)

South Korea, US mull further strategic deployment after North test (290)

US flies B-52 bomber over South Korea after Norths N-test (270)

FBIs new animal abuse database may also predict and prevent violent crime against people (809)

Iran and Saudi Arabia: The art of Islamic tolerance (283)

A Preview of China-Southeast Asia Relations in 2016 (241)

Why ISIS is the winner in Saudi Arabia-Iran row (282)

Narendra Modis Foreign Policy: Hits and Misses of 2015 (314)

One U.S. service member killed, two wounded in Afghanistan (234)

Cambodia Marks Milestone in UN Peacekeeping Contributions (307)

Feds Sue Volkswagen Over Diesels In Sign Of Stand-Off (245)

Attacks Threaten India-Pakistan Thaw (227)

2016: Promising Year For Military Of Russia (224)

Earth has lost a third of arable land in past 40 years, scientists say (222)

Putin Signs New Security Strategy Warning Of Heightened Risks From West (1536)

The Strategic Importance of Andaman and Nicobar Islands (240)

What Made Headlines in Southeast Asia in 2015? (295)

Aid agencies warn of global food crisis in early 2016 (1554)

Can South Asia Make Nice in 2016? (268)

CPEC: A Bad Deal for the Baloch People? (263)

Hunger threatens millions as El Nio causes drought and floods (225)

Turkey's Islamist Agenda in Kosovo (225)

Congress wants NASA to build a deep space habitat for astronauts, and finish it by 2018 (250)

The top 5 food and agriculture stories in 2015 (237)

US-Russia-relations in 2015: From confrontation to limited cooperation (1535)

In Russia, Indian PM Looks to Close Major Defense Deals (231)

How NATO Advises Afghanistans National Security Forces (241)

Chinese medicinal herbs provide niche market for US farmers (241)

Muslims in Kenya offer a Christmas present to the world (1560)

Climate change and the right to food (252)

Malaysia Eyes Top Tier of US Human Trafficking Report by 2020 (270)

Turkey: Is Russia Ready To Play The Kurdish Card? (257)

WTO trade ministers move to eliminate agriculture export subsidies, but differences remain on other measures (1511)

Peace Talks Between the Afghan Government and the Taliban Could Be Back in Early 2016 (264)

EU extends sanctions against defiant Russia (254)

The unintended casualty of climate change debate global food security (284)

Understanding Pakistans Role in the Saudi-Led Anti-Terror Coalition (243)

Russia Is Better Ally For US Than Turkey: American Analyst (228)

US says bombers didn't intend to fly over China-held island (234)

Chile and the Southeast Pacific (232)

Better Tech, Not More Food, Will Keep the Worlds Poor Fed (245)

The Regional Dimensions Of Security Closer To The Heart Of Asia (243)

U.S. delivers new ammunition to Syrian rebels (234)

China, Russia Try to Brave Economic Headwinds (252)

Do US Presidential Candidates Care About South Asia? (260)

America surrenders on Assad, and Putin wins again (252)

Rethinking North Korean Missile Capabilities (239)

Public Pressure and Allies in Congress Keep Rider Blocking State Labeling of GMOs Out of Spending Bill (226)

US, India Boost Security Ties in Defense Minister Visit (275)

Is this the REAL face of Jesus? Forensic experts use ancient Semite skulls to reveal what Christ may have looked like (368)

Australia, Japan, US drop food, toys on Pacific islands (267)

FAO: Policies must work toward food security, hunger elimination (284)

China Pushes Afghanistan, Pakistan Back Toward Peace Process (260)

Friendship of tiger and goat tugs at Russia's heartstrings (265)

Chinas Military Reforms and Risk Escalation (254)

Achieving Food Security and Nutrition for those Furthest Behind In an Era of Climate Change (308)

Abe's Upcoming India Visit: Breaking New Ground in Japan-India Relations (269)

Singapore Warns of Islamic State Terror Nexus in Southeast Asia (267)

US envoy to Thailand being investigated for royal defamation (280)

Align trade and agricultural development policies better to achieve food security (258)

Russia gave warning of Syria cruise missile strikes, US says (274)

Should NATO Consider Bringing Russia In? (238)

Is Food Security Breaking Through in Paris Climate Talks? (305)

Poland Fuels NATO vs. Russia Nuclear War (273)

US, Singapore Agree Spy Plane Deployment Amid South China Sea Tensions (263)

US, Singapore Agree Spy Plane Deployment Amid South China Sea Tensions (1508)

Sharia courts in Britain 'lock women into marital captivity and do not officially report domestic violence' says academic (242)

Malaysia Wants Expanded Naval Protocol Amid South China Sea Disputes (280)

China and the Curious Case of the OPM Hack (241)

The New China-Africa Relations: 4 Trends to Watch (270)

Israels covert involvement in Syria conflict to escalate (245)

Pentagon chief to military: Open all combat jobs to women (758)

ISIS Plans Terror Attacks In UK For Airstrikes (341)

China, Bangladesh Pledge Deeper Military Cooperation (306)

Climate talks: 4C rise will have dire effect on world hunger, UN warns (258)

Suu Kyi meets Myanmar president, army chief for power shift talks (312)

Sino-Indian Border Talks Not Enough to Defuse Tensions (310)

Russia Picks Nuclear Allies For Imminent War With NATO (266)

South Asian Leaders Meet on Sidelines of Paris Climate Talks (257)

US Special Operations Forces Expanding in Iraq to Battle ISIS (267)

Amid South China Sea Tensions, Japan Strengthens Ties With Philippines, Vietnam (277)

The India-Nepal Crisis (274)

U.S. tightens visa waiver program in wake of Paris attacks (284)

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Preventable errors led to hospital attack, military says (268)

Range of Frustrations Reached Boil as Turkey Shot Down Russian Jet (286)

Chinese State Firm Takes Control of Strategically Vital Gwadar Port (301)

Russia Turning Arctic Into Large Military Base (245)

What is the U.S. Strategy to Fight ISIS? (264)

US Cyber Commands Veiled Threat: China Vulnerable in Cyberspace (257)

India and Russia: A Course Correction (255)

I saw thousands and thousands of people in New Jersey cheer the 9/11 attacks says Donald Trump (270)

A taste of tomorrow - food security in the future (284)

China is on High Alert for Japans Intervention in South China Sea (333)

Hungry people forced into downward spiral by disasters - UN (269)

After Paris Attacks, China Seeks More International Help Fighting Xinjiang Separatists (1484)

Hero police dog walks to her death: Heartbreaking photo shows Diesel just moments before she was killed by woman suicide bomber in Paris siege (279)

$1.4tn a year needed to reach global goals for world's poorest (270)

Can China Rebuild Its Special Relationship With Malaysia? (247)

The Forthcoming Heart Of Asia Conference (336)

Chilling new face of police in Britain: New counter terrorism 'robocops' dressed in military fatigues and armed with semi-automatic rifles deployed at Wembley (294)

El Nio: food shortages, floods, disease and droughts set to put millions at risk (253)

China and US Hold Joint Naval Exercise (319)

Bangladesh: Dangerous Resurgence (1519)

The Hypocrisy of US Freedom of Navigation Operations in the South China Sea (353)

Paris attacks deepen GOP opposition to Syrian refugee influx (275)

The battle against impunity goes on (250)

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Slow death in oceans from millions of tons of plastic waste (258)

Radical panelists at 'Quiz a Muslim' event demanded establishment of an Islamic State in Britain as jihadists went on bloody rampage through Paris (305)

AP Newsbreak: Iraq warned of attacks before Paris assault (275)

Iraq Warned Countries Fighting ISIS of Imminent Attack (1456)

China's Potential Pitfalls #5: The United States (321)

The Road to a US-Pakistan Nuclear Deal Begins in Islamabad (239)

Myanmars Opposition Clinches Majority in Historic Election Win (388)

44 Reasons to Ban or Label GMOs (1526)

Indonesias Jokowi to Skip APEC in the Philippines (356)

Russias Military Arrives In North Korea (314)

Did China Try Restricting US Bombers in the South China Sea? (235)

PM Modis ABC Approach To Kashmir (356)

Veteran suicide: the stories behind the statistics (331)

Why ASEAN Should Celebrate Myanmar's Election (336)

Plane crash, scandals and British-Egyptian relations (243)

Burundi leaders warned to stop inciting mass violence (247)

Myanmars Elections: What Now? (374)

Floods, Riots in Mock 2026 Food Crisis Test Government Response (268)

China Seeks to Woo ASEAN Through Singapore (280)

Bihar Says No to the BJP: What Now? (267)

Trouble on Christmas Island (346)

Reconciling Chinas PLAN: Strategic Intervention, Tactical Engagement (319)

Turmoil in India-Nepal Ties as China Moves In (325)

Food policy: Cutting waste, broadening systems (325)

A Generals Election in Myanmar (350)

Canada now has the world's most Sikh cabinet (363)

Bangladeshs Terrorist Problem (340)

The China-Russia-Mongolia Trilateral Gains Steam (281)

World food prices had their biggest monthly jump since July 2012 (266)

Why the US Navy's First South China Sea FONOP Wasn't a FONOP (355)

Syria war: A turning point in Russia-West relations? (1491)

Kidnapped UN workers released by South Sudan rebels (254)

Aluminium threat to food security revealed (274)

What China's 'Militarization' of the South China Sea Would Actually Look Like (358)

EU Migrant Crisis: Focus On Hungary (331)

China Blocked ASEAN Defense Meeting Pact Amid South China Sea Fears: US Official (1499)

Climate change poses major threat to food security, warns UN expert (287)

The Unintended Consequences of the US Freedom of Navigation Operations in the South China Sea (280)

Russia Sends Troops To NATO Borders (1445)

GE Soybeans Give Altered Milk and Stunted Offspring, Researchers Find (236)

China Holds Bilateral Talks With South Korea, Japan (320)

Climate change making food crops less nutritious, research finds (279)

Obama orders Special Forces troops into Syria (397)

US, NATO vs. Russia War Will Be The End Of Humanity (407)

A First: Japanese and US Navies Hold Exercise in South China Sea. (332)

In China, Germany's Merkel Talks Trade, Syria, and South China Sea (1576)

More than 800,000 refugees returning to Syria as Putin obliterates Islamic State (234)

In Maldives, VP Arrested in Connection With Possible Assassination Attempt on President (338)

China-U.K. Deal: A Threat To The West? (272)

U.S. jets intercept Russian planes near USS Ronald Reagan (351)

China naval chief says minor incident could spark war in South China Sea (297)

Can the US and China Cooperate on the First (and Last) Line of Cyber Defense? (318)

Australia Lagging in Cyber War. (383)

The Islamic State Weighs in on the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict (268)

United Nations Votes 191-2 To Condemn US Embargo Against Cuba (337)

Beating climate change is key to making nutritious food needed to beat hunger (307)

How China Maintains Strategic Ambiguity in the South China Sea (263)

CIA chief 'outraged' by personal email hack (347)

Processed Meats Classified As Carcinogens By World Health Organization (265)

Indonesia Calls for South China Sea Restraint Amid US-China Tensions. (280)

Will the new deal end conflict in South Sudan? (255)

Major Takeaways from Nawaz Sharif's US Visit (281)

Britain's Tony Blair: Iraq war contributed to rise of IS (263)

Trump: Wed be better off if Hussein and Gadhafi were still in power (324)

Parks US Visit Highlights Balancing Act With China (241)

Regime and Iranian Forces Launch Multi-Pronged Offensive in Aleppo (309)

Reducing Food Wastage: Not Just Food for Thought (281)

Chinas Changing North Korea Policy (331)

Russia's Syria campaign is no panacea (314)

Hybrid War In Afghanistan Takes A New Turn Analysis (345)

There is no place for malnutrition in the 21st century (355)

The US-China South China Sea Showdown (328)

Has The U.S. Started A Proxy War With Russia In Syria? (343)

The Trouble with Indonesia-Singapore Relations (308)

Australias New Terrorism Test. (331)

China: Projecting Power Through Peacekeeping (335)

To end malnutrition, we must step up to the plate with data on what people eat (286)

5 Reasons to Pay Attention to the Global Food Security Act (320)

Britain could ditch human rights laws for troops in battle because of rising compensation culture after Iraq and Afghanistan wars (346)

Is the US Giving Myanmar a Free Pass? (346)

MSF says bombing of Afghan hospital no mistake (259)

If we want to end poverty, we need to be able to measure it properly (342)

Putin's pivot: The Russians are coming to Asia (355)

What Would Reagan Do About Chinas Violations of the Law of the Sea? (356)

Time for UN to Shift Its Mission in Yemen (275)

Horses beaten with electric prods, cows left to bleed to death while still conscious and pigs crammed into 'gas cages' in horrifying footage from French abattoir which has prompted animal cruelty probe (385)

Marines Reunite With Dogs They Served With in Middle East After Years Apart (319)

The U.S. Military's 6th Generation Fighter: 5 Ways To Dominate the Sky (363)

Vietnam Between China and the United States: The Next Balancing Test Beckons. (341)

Russia Using Syria As Testing Ground For Its Modern Weaponry (262)

World Food Day and food security (330)

Malnutrition linked to nearly half of deaths among under-fives (349)

U.S. military wants to develop a vampire drone that vanishes in the daylight (376)

What South Africa leaving the International Criminal Court would mean... (316)

Refugees and Neighbors: Rohingya in Bangladesh. (367)

US troops deployed to Cameroon for Boko Haram fight (310)

Carter says U.S. will sail, fly and operate wherever whenever (314)

China Enforcing Quasi-ADIZ in South China Sea: Philippine Justice. (352)

Sri Lanka Tamil prisoners on hunger strike demand release (288)

Expanding social protection offers a faster track to ending hunger UN report (338)

Police told to record hate crimes against Muslims separately: Cameron wants figures to be published (320)

Seafood hit by climate change, Australian study finds (353)

Catalonia, A New State Within Europe? (369)

Myanmars Cease-Fire Deal Comes Up Short. (276)

Saudi Arabia just replenished Syrian rebels with one of the most effective weapons against the Assad regime (339)

ISIS and the Dangers of Black Market Oil (396)

Food prices lower for longer (258)

US Boosting ASEAN Capacity Amid South China Sea Tensions. (368)

'Australian Islamic State Fighters Doubled Last Year' (332)

Russias Goals, Tactics, And Strategy In Syria War (341)

Hundreds of thousands of migrants will be deported from the EU within weeks under secret plans intended to deter irregular migration (362)

Arsenic found in many American red wines but health risks depend on total diet (314)

Malaysia to Host New Conference to Tackle Islamic State Challenge. (371)

Does China Approve of Russias Airstrikes in Syria? (334)


US-Russia Proxy War In Syria Who s On Russia s Side? (344)

Taliban in Kunduz ISIS in Nangarhar: Fiefdoms of Conflict in Afghanistan (335)


What Does China Think of the TPP? (351)

Capitulation In Kunduz: Implications For Region (338)

Why We Need South China Sea Freedom of Navigation Patrols. (319)

What are the risks of Russian military involvement in Syria? (352)

How China Is Changing the UN (334)

Central Asia and the ISIS Phantom (264)

Obama-Putin meeting and why EU refugee crisis matters for Russia (359)

Strongest Militaries in the World (350)

Twists and Turns in Thailand s Bombing Case. (350)

China s Protracted War in Xinjiang (344)

Powerful El Nio to cause hunger among world s poorest people (243)

Modi Goes West: Taking Stock of the Indian Prime Minister s US Trip (324)

Inside the looming food wastage crisis (323)

Is Russia Going To Become The Next Superpower? (359)

China s Role in the Syria Crisis Revisited (301)

Pakistan and the Taliban: Past as Prologue? (331)

How Russia can deal with ISIS extremism within its own borders (310)

Cambodia and the Australian Asylum Seeker Deal. (336)

There is no planet B (331)

US CIA s Operations in China Take a Step Back in Wake of OPM Breach (322)

Afghanistan Can t Afford to Lose Kunduz to the Taliban (354)

Australia s New Defence Minister. (342)

The Taliban Take Kunduz: An Eyewitness Account (327)

Southeast Asia s Piracy Headache. (326)

Russia U.S. Ties Putin And Obama Meet (335)

China-US Cyber Agreements Has Beijing Outmaneuvered Washington? (324)

Nepal Tests India s Much Touted Neighborhood Diplomacy (282)

Efforts in Syria against ISIS won t bring US Russia closer together (335)

How do we protect global food supplies from extreme weather? (364)

PUTIN goes to WAR against ISIS: Stop dithering and FIGHT Russian leader tells West (319)

What ASEAN Can Teach the World About Surviving a Financial Crisis. (358)

What to Read on Xi Jinping s US Visit (320)

Thailand s Military Junta is Clueless about Economic Policy. (329)

What Will The Xi-Obama Summit Really Deliver? (324)

India s Defense FDI Limit Will Hinder Technology Transfer: US Official (362)

The Truth About US Freedom of Navigation Patrols in the South China Sea. (379)

Russian-German relations A renewed dialogue? (354)

Tolerance levels & more (349)

China Myanmar Talk Border Security at Military Consultation (357)

Amid Ongoing India-Pakistan Clashes Is Diplomacy Possible? (280)

The BRICS and the West Partners or rivals? (348)

Good News Global Food Policy Report Strikes Optimistic Tone (301)

How Washington Can Manage Sustainable Strategic Competition With China (343)

How Do Indians Feel About Narendra Modi s Handling of Foreign Policy? (333)

Will Putin Exchange Donbass for Syria? (239)

Britain s Labor Party could be ready to change the nation s Russia policy (324)

China South America and Regional Integration (315)

The paradox of the Minsk Agreements (365)

Hidden hunger is a global killer (349)

The Chinese Cyber Threat in the South China Sea (335)

The Real Significance of the Japan-Vietnam Strategic Partnership. (259)

India and Sri Lanka Vow to Increase Security and Economic Cooperation (319)

China or Iran Who Is the Bigger Threat to U.S. Airpower? (352)

West vs. Russia Media War Heating Up (290)

Becoming the Zero Hunger generation Achieving food security for all (318)

Qatari troops join fight against Houthi rebels (221)

Evaluating the US-India Strategic Agenda (302)

Marine life plummets and food security at risk (345)

China Iran Predict Closer Ties Thanks to Nuclear Deal (319)

Iran Nuclear Deal Lands In the Middle of 2016 Debate (257)

Myanmar Shan Villagers and the Salween Dam Fight. (343)

Anti-Submarine Operations in the Indian Ocean (345)

Improving Women s Rights A Step Toward Global Food Security (251)

Europe s security situation significantly worsened last year (261)

US China Hold Cyber Talks Before Xi s Visit (313)

Nepal: Terai Agitation And The Constitution Making Proces (345)

Investors Are Grabbing a Japan-Size Chunk of the Developing World for Food and Water (325)

India-Egypt Relationship: Looking for a new Momentum (272)

Amid Shifting Geopolitical Dynamics India Plays Hard Ball in Afghanistan (292)

Europe s refugee crisis explained (320)

Philippines Australia to Hold Joint Military Exercises. (325)

The Refugee Crisis Isn t a European Problem (358)

Trash or treasure? Repurposing would-be wasted food to feed the hungry and create jobs (359)

Cambodia s Montagnard Problem. (344)

Australia to Bomb Syria? (276)

Is India s APEC Membership on the Table at this Year s Summit? (279)

The solution to this refugee crisis? A revised EU treaty (347)

India and Food Safety (346)

What Thailand s Rejected Constitution Means. (331)

Without ensuring universal access to water there can be no food security (345)

Russia And China Expanding And Cooperating Militarily (289)

Australia Wants to Join India US and Japan in Naval Exercises- Defense Minister (346)

The Problems Foreign Powers Find In The Balkans (341)

Singapore s Impressive Food Security (343)

Afghanistan s Looming Crisis (348)

Exclusive Who s Really Behind Thailand s Erawan Shrine Bomb Blast? (376)

From a Unipolar to a Bipolar Superpower System The Future of the Global Power Dynamic (368)

A Balancing Act;Food for the Hungry Fuel for Your Car (333)

Russia Has a China Problem Too (269)

NATO vs. Russia War Could Begin Today Or Tomorrow (351)

India and Seychelles Strengthen Ties Around Maritime Security Economic Cooperation (339)

Thailand s Navy to Get Boost with New Patrol Vessels. (351)

Global Food Security and the Missed Message of Milan s Expo 2015 (346)

What Now for China s Afghanistan Strategy? (357)

Adrift in ASEAN Tackling Southeast Asia s Migration Challenge. (279)

Putin Says Russia-China Relations At Historic Peak (351)

Australia s Disastrous Asylum Seeker Deal. (321)

A Cold Summer for China and Russia? (283)

Peace is back off the agenda (334)

Iran Nuclear Deal Gains Momentum With Endorsements of Four House Democrats (326)

Philippines Asks for US Military Assistance in South China Sea. (379)

Russia Exploits Obamas Weaknesses To Destroy US Global Dominance (346)

Growing doubts over GMO safety a scientist s experience (356)

Rethinking the Obama-Xi Summit (360)

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